-Louis Vuitton dust bags-

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  1. I don't know whether this question has been asked before, but just wanted to know when it comes to LV dustbags, do they vary from country to country or year to year?

    Here in Australia, most dustbags have the full name in a sort of creamy-yellow-soft material but I've seen pictures of dustbags that are in beige and only have the intials "LV" on them with the letters crossing each other?

    can someone help me?
  2. They are all the same, in every country. The dust bags are creamy with Louis Vuitton on them. The other one you mentioned is the old Louis Vuitton dust bag, they had until 2004.
  3. The quality of the dustbags can vary though. For example I purchased a Suhali bag in Paris about a month ago and I got one of the really thin and rough dustbags, which I was mad about given that the bag is Suhali. Most of the bags I purchase in the US and Canada have a softer and thicker version.

    There was a thread about 6 months to a year ago on the quality of dustbags and loads of people chimed in. If you search for that thread you may find some more info regarding the varying quality. I hope this helps!
  4. The colour of the dustbag may sometimes vary with the particular collection it accompanies; for example the Cerises items came in red bags.