Louis Vuitton *DONT*

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  1. Oops...mispelled Vuitton!

    Mods-feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong place but just thought i would share with you a picture from Glamour's do's and donts...apparently this woman was covered head to toe in fake LV (boots,jacket,vest,hat) and her fingernails with Redskin logo...so u tell me, based on this pic...Do or Dont?! :rolleyes:

  2. Ekk.
  3. Seriously DON'T!
  4. Hmm, I think I've seen this here before. Ick.
  5. Don't don't DOOONNN'T ack!
  6. LOLOL! No o dear...
  7. >shudderz<
  8. i've seen this before.
  9. I'm blind.
  10. Yeah ive seen it before and its def. still a DONT ewww!
  11. this is scary! :yucky:
  12. :shocked:
  13. And the funny thing is, she thought she looked good. LOL
  14. OMG! saw it before also! Shocking on all counts!
  15. her nails looks so disturbing!:yucky: