Louis Vuitton DIY...key cles upgrade!

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  1. Hi LV lovers. Just wanted to share a DIY project for making a key cles more functional.

    go from this...


    and this...


    to this...


    Now I have a chain to hook my keys onto and another chain to hook onto my bag D-rings or the belt loop on my jeans :biggrin:.

    Check out my YouTube channel for the video :smile:...link is in my signature below. Or just search for user docluxury. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks for sharing [emoji4]
  3. You're welcome! :biggrin:
  4. Just a word of caution, by adding extra weight to that little tab, it might make the canvas piece inside rip, or the small triangle piece fall out. Just be careful, mine fell out and I don't use it very often.
  5. thanks for the warning :biggrin: I'll try not to put too many keys on the chain.:hugs:

    Have you ever inquired how much a repair would be for that? in case mine's comes off also :faint:
  6. I thought the part that hooks on to the chain was crossgrain leather?
  7. Cool, thanks for posting.
  8. Nope, it's a small piece of canvas with a couple stitches. The stitches are the problem, not the material actually. Compared to how Vernis, Epi and Empreinte are attached, the canvas ones aren't as secure. I've seen many on ebay where the stitches popped out and the chain fell off. :sad:

    I haven't taken mine in yet, but I suspect (hope) it will be free and done in-house.
  9. Huh. I always assumed (incorrectly I guess!) that they would be attached the same simple way it is on all the other models with a piece of leather that is secured to the Cles with a metal rivet.
  10. Um No, the $200 canvas pieces are not made the same. They are smaller and at a much lower price point, so they aren't made as securely as Epi, Vernis and Empreinte. Only the more expensive pieces have the rivet. (I am only referring the women's cles/key pouches)
  11. The DG cles has the rivet and has the ring attached by a leather loop. see photo below.


    But yes, the other canvas cles just has a small canvas loop stitched at the seem. also see below :smile:

  12. Thanks for adding the pics. My comments were only about the small key pouches at the $200 price point. But you see what I mean, be careful not to overload it!
  13. you're welcome :biggrin:
  14. Thanks again for the note! Will be sure to not overload!:smile:
  15. I'm sorry but your post seems like you're offended by what I posted? That wasn't the intention. I was just stating that I was surprised they wouldn't use the leather and rivet like other Cles and that my assumption was incorrect.
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