Louis Vuitton District PM - Unboxing - Pics - and Co.


Feb 17, 2013
First of all.. i wanted to have a small bag to carry my ipad and other small things in it.. such as.. my wallet.. iphone (which is actually always in my hand.. :biggrin:) ..and other small things u want to carry with yourself.

I saw here some posts about the Mick PM, which was actually the first bag i wanted to get.. after seeing it in person, i changed my mind.. cos the bag loses shape if its empty or not full enough.. the only thing i loved about the bag was the d-ring.. and the damier graphite print..

So.. yesterday i went to the LV - Store in Frankfurt.. and asked about the bag.. the SA told me that this bag came in lately.. and that it is a new design..

i took my ipad with me to see if it fits in.. because at their website.. it says.. that an ipad-mini fits in.. so i was pretty curious to find it out, if my ipad 2 with the classic size has a chance also.. See it in the pictures.. and u will get ur answer pretty easily :smile:

Pro and Contra..

- small size..
- my ipad fits perfectly in it
- it has the damier ebene print.. but since it is made for men.. it's not combined with the classic gold hardware we are used to have.. so it gaves something special to it..
- it stays in shape.. no matter how empty your bag is..
- magnetic closing

- i really miss a d-ring in this bag.. argh! if i was a creative designer for LV.. i would've put a d-ring on it..
- the strap is ok.. but i thought that it would have the same strap like the icare.. or other messenger bags which says LOUIS VUITTON on it.. but it's not a big minus for me..

As u can see in the picture, the ipad 2 / 3 fits perfectly in it.. although i have a really thick ipad-cover by belkin.

Feel free to ask if u have any questions.. and sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.. ;)



Feb 8, 2012
Congrats! Thank you for sharing your review - it does seem perfect for toting your iPad and some other essentials.