Louis Vuitton Denim Patchwork Pouchy Bag???

  1. Well, I know it's only the pochette and not the bowler. Any future pfers buying this?
  2. I love this bag. I think it's soooo cute and I'm definitley going to get it!! Doesn anyone know when it comes out? It's not even on the LV website yet :sad:
  3. That is cute. But I won't be getting it - too small.
  4. it's actually kinda cute!
  5. Love it!
  6. My SA told me today that the pouchy will most probably hit the stores on the 1st of April. I really like it and I'm waitlisted for the blue one :smile:
  7. I just noticed that on the LV website!

    I'm not feeling the floral lining. :s
  8. I think the floral lining is adorable. Reminds me of Abelia.
  9. Meh. I don't like it..
  10. I think this denim patchwork line looks great on photo (and it made me want one in speedy style) but after saw the actual bag I just keep money with me.

    Don't like it at all.
  11. Wasn't feeling it when I saw it IRL. I wonder how the speedy will look IRL.
  12. Don't like it.
  13. I like the pouchy but I prefer the speedy
  14. i like it but not as much as the speedy, LVoe the speedy! Just too much money for denim in my opinion! x