Louis Vuitton Denim Keepall

  1. I see some fake LV denim Keepall's on Ebay but do you think LV will ever make a denim keepall ?? :smile:
  2. I think it would be great in the keepall 45. Anything bigger I dont think would look great.
  3. I don't think denim would work in a keepall size. It is too soft.
  4. Karen Kooper said there were Denim Keepalls made... but there were only like 3 made only for display?
  5. Behold... "This is the map from the original calendar for the denim line (back in october 2004 right after the show!), then they changed the neo speedy handles and they took off the keepall and the clutch! Too bad for the keepall and the clutch :sad:"- Karen

  6. wow I love it...thanks for the pic...I only wish I could get one :-[
  7. Welcome! ;)

    Now that I look at the Denim Keepall again... I wish it were actually produced!!! *sigh*
  8. Ive added u on myspace ;)
  9. Thanks for the pic John, I think it's a real shame they didn't produce the keepall and the clutch is just gorgeous.
  10. You're welcome! [Thank Karen, actually. :lol: ]

    Socialite: I dunno why... but when I saw the location of the person who added me, I was like "Is this Socialite?" :shrugs:
  11. lmao everyone guesses its me lol
  12. Thanks for sharing, John!

    The clutch is gorgeous :girlsigh:
    Baggy PM = Boulogne? Eeww, I'm glad they didn't do it w/ those vachetta corners, that looks a bit weird IMO.
  13. Oh my I REALLY love the keepall! Too bad they didnt follow through with it.
  14. i wish they did make it, maybe they will. It's such a classic piece and every line deserves one lol
  15. Oooh! that clutch is awesome!