Louis Vuitton DE Speedy B vs. Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Epi

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  1. These bags couldn't be further apart from one another but I'd like to hear opinions if you could pick one which would it be and why?

    My concerns with the speedy b is the quality. I've heard many horror stories about the zipper gaps, brass tarnishing, thinning canvas and brass color differences.

    My concerns with the Alma BB is it's size and perhaps it's stiffness when getting in and out of the bag. I've heard it holds a lot more than you'd think. I absolutely love the epi line and would love to add a piece to my collection (esp with spring and summer near). I love how this leather is subdued and understated.

    I am a mom and so either bag would be usable. I typically carry a longchamp bag around with me for my kids essentials when I do need them.

    Also open for suggestions to others as well. Thanks so much!
  2. I would get the speedy b for sure!! I just purchased an Alma bb and it is very small inside. I already have other LV bags for everyday use so its not a big deal . But I know if I had little kids and needed a great hands free purse speedy b would be first on my list! good luck
  3. Speedy b
  4. Tough decision.. A Speedy is nice, but I love epi... Maybe a PM would be better as an everyday bag?
  5. DE Speedy B :smile:

  6. I love the alma pm in grey. But I would also need the shoulder strap. I am saving for some home upgrades so I was trying to keep it around 2k. It's definitely not out of the question. Do you have the alma epi??
  7. What size speedy?! I like a slouchy bag and tend not to fill it. So now I'm leaning towards the 35 if I do get it.

    What have your experiences been for the quality of the speedy b?

  8. What size speedy do you have? And what bb did you get? It's so adorable. If I could get both I totally would. Esp with the warm months coming!
  9. I have a speedy 35. But would like a speedy b next. I got the Alma bb in Epi Carmine. I just do not really care for the strap on the Alma bb so I will mainly just arm carry her on date nights. :smile:

  10. The strap isn't adjustable so that's a bit of a bummer. It also seems super long. I am only 5ft tall so I fear it might be too long.

    I might check out the alma pm in epi but otherwise it seems I'm leaning towards the speedy b.

    Thanks so much everyone for your input!!
  11. I am a Speedy girl so I vote for the Speedy B 30.
  12. My vote is also for the speedy b.
  13. speedy b. just got her today in the 30 DE and love her...

  14. Congrats!!! How's the hardware on it!?

    I think the 30 is the perfect size for both crossbody and handheld!!!

    You should post pics of your new love!!!

  15. Aww thanks! The hardware seems fine to me so far. I was examining it for a while at the store to make sure it had no imperfections. I did a reveal earlier. But here are some of the pics I have so far.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391311454.952997.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391311464.468949.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391311483.735243.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391311494.985560.jpg