Louis Vuitton damier Trevi PM..

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  1. This bag has been on wait list for a long time here and once I want something I OBESSESSSSSSSSS about it..
    eBay has none on sale!!

    Anyone has any idea where I can find one?

    Thanks a million
  2. They had one in the 5th ave location. Doubt that its still there but you can try
  3. I don't want to sell mine, only had it for a month or so. But I've heard the waiting list is really long everywhere. I waited for like 2 weeks but got lucky cause the store got one extra. They told me they would restock after new year's though. If you really can't find one, I can see if they got one in Denmark and send it to you, if you're interrested :shame:
  4. I think you should try the stores in your area. I wasn't interested in this bag at all, until I saw one on display. I left and couldn't stop thinking about the bag. I went back 2 weeks later. They had sold the one on display but gotten a new one in that day. I was able to purchase it with o problem. I was never on the waitlist.
  5. if you are in the US call 866-vuitton and they will locate one for you.
    Well I was lucky because I was on the waitlist for just one day.
  6. Sniff...nope not in the US...sigh..
  7. goodluck!
  8. [​IMG]
    Trying to decide whether to keep my Trevi PM, GM is too large wish they had made an NM
  9. hope you find one soon!
  10. my generous aunt sent me a trevi pm:yahoo: im just curious, i cant find the serial number inside. but im sure its authentic.

  11. They have the pm and gm in here in Germany.. but i think that this won't help you... i'm sorry.
  12. I'm thinking about getting this bag, does anyone have a modeling picture?
  13. Whoa I didn't realized that it was so limited in the US. I got mine in 3 days after waiting list but I'm in Canada. Not sure if it has to do with anything else, maybe my SA was really nice in looking that out for me? I hope you get urs soon! It's an awesome bag. Keep us posted!
  14. I was just in the LV store here in Vancouver on Sunday and they had a Trevi PM and GM on display. I even tried the Treve PM out. Maybe you can make it to Canada.
  15. Everytime I see the Trevi I get really happy! and want it! but my bf doesn't like it... But I have a tivoli GM already... and it's similar to the trevi... and as well as a saleya... which is ALSO pretty similar...

    should I get it?! I hope they come out with some new & PRETTY LVs soon...