Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Brooklyn MM or Monogram Canvas Messenger GM Bosphore?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying the LV Brooklyn MM. I'm planning to be using it very often, mainly for carrying my MacBook and everyday stuff (phone, cigarettes, wallet, etc.). I wanted to ask whether any of you here have this particular bag? Is it spacious enough to fit a 13'' laptop together with a few other things? I had a look at some pictures on the Internet and from the side it looks a bit "bulky"/"awkward" when filled to capacity.

    Do you think the Brooklyn MM is the right bag for a laptop or should I go for something else, like the Messenger GM Bosphore?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I'd go for the Messenger Bosphore. A TPF member Bastille have a Brooklyn, I'm sure he'll be able to shed some light for you on this.
  3. Will have to wait until he sees this thread then!
  4. I have the Brooklyn PM. I don't think both Brooklyn MM and Messenger Bosphore GM will fit your Macbook since both bags are smaller in person than in pictures at LV website or eluxury. I would recommend the Abbesses in mono and Brooklyn GM since both bags are more roomy and larger. Good luck w/ your decision.
  5. Hmmm... According to Apple, the MacBook is 32.5 x 22.7. Brooklyn MM is 34 x 27, therefore, I thought you can easily fit it in the bag... Looks like I'll have to visit a Louis Vuitton store to check the bag! :-/
  6. ^^Yes, make sure to take your Macbook w/ you so you can try the bags out and see which ones will best suit your needs.
  7. Can I resurrect this? I have a 13" Macbook Air and it is just a little too snug in the Brooklyn PM. You have to put the Air diagonally into the messenger bag and the SA was already afraid that using the bag as a laptop bag would damage it.

    What choices does one have for a 13" laptop bag? The Omaha and the Taiga leather counterpart both work perfectly with 13" laptops.
  8. My ex-boyfriend uses his Brooklyn GM and his Daniel GM for his 13" MacBook and he have no problem with them. When we went to the LV store to buy the bags, he said that the MM size for both "might" fit his laptop. But it will definitely give the bag a hard time. Therefore, he chose the GM and its great! You can fit other things in there as well as your laptop. I got a chance to carry it once or twice and I love it!

    As far as the two go, my vote is for the Brooklyn! :smile:
  9. I have a Brooklyn pm and I love it. The pm is big enough for my iPad, so I am sure the MacBook would fit in the mm, not problem
  10. I have the Bosphore, it fits my 13,5inch laptop but it is too small. You can fit a laptop and the cabel, and a mouse, nothing else, no books, no food, no water....it is too small so i bought a Icare....