Louis Vuitton Damier Brera Bag

  1. Hi..
    Thinking of getting this, but before I do i want to know how it looks on someone... does anyone have this bag?? can you take a picture of yourself wearing the bag?...

    also does it fit on the shoulder? or is it only for carrying?..

    thanksssss :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. I've been back and forth with this bag, I've gotten it on my shoulder but it's not natural looking, and I've managed to pretty much talk myself out of it....I do think it's cute, but I think the Saleya pm may be a better option b/c there's a better chance of getting it on your shoulder if that's what you're looking for. I'm also not crazy about how the Brera opens an that theres kind nothing to the inside.
  3. Thanks Lola... great help... it looks BEAUTIFUL, but just the shoulder thing... i like having it on my shoulder...
  4. I dont happen to care for the brera, but instead I love the Triana. I think they're similar in shapes, and the Triana is much more worth it.
  5. If you have the opportunity, I would still try it on, my arms and shoulders are pretty petite/skinny so I was able to get it on, I'm sure you will be too, but when I did that, the SA kinda looked at me funny, and it just didn't seem right.....I also saw someone carrying it on a strap and it just turned me off of the bag completely, I don't completely understand why, but it did.......
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