Louis Vuitton DA Tahitiennes Collection - Bandeau

  1. This mini pochette which belongs to the collection? when it will be available in stores?
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  2. Mid April from CS.
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  3. I hope they release more limited edition regular pochette. Cause the mini can't hold iPhone+
  4. Hop they have something looks like Mini pochette but bigger a bit so I can bring my ip7+
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  5. I was told it would be available March 31. I hope so. I want this soooo bad :biggrin:
  6. They also have a toiletry 26 in the same print which is larger:
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  7. This collection is so pretty!
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  8. Like the neverfull but still worry about white color, wish some new thing come with Mono
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    Hi LV lovers,

    I had previously posted a picture of the complete DA Tahitiennes Collection on another threat.

    Today I received an update from my SA on this collection which is the attached Bandeau and the model number is M70510.

    To recap this collection will be released on 7 April in Germany.

    Liebe Grüße

    IMG_1015.PNG IMG_1013.JPG
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  10. Oh, I need this Bandeau
  11. what size is the speedy ? 30?
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  12. Me too!! It would surely suit my new Azur Croisette well will definitely check it out

    The mini pochette looks so cute! Do you know how the rose print is put on the canvas? I am thinking long term about the wear and tear
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  13. This is very pretty! I love the bandeau
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  14. Yes speedy B 30!
  15. That's a good question. I will write my SA and let you know if she has any informations.