Louis Vuitton Customization....

  1. Does anyone know if Louis Vuitton can customize your own kind of bag? Like if you had a special design and wanted to have a bag made. I would pay top $ just to have a one of a kind bag made for me.:drool: Thanks ladies.
  2. No, LV does not use outside designs for SO's
  3. What is SO's
  4. Special Order
  5. OO, lol i didnt know, i really would like a special style though, didnt that famous lady i forgot her name, had a custom made jewlery box, it was on mtv cribs..
  6. You usually have to be fairly rich and famous for that kind of attention, but yes they do it.
  7. They will make customized hard sided pieces but not bags, no matter who you are.
  8. Lol, ill just ask my husband for the money, down here in Miami i know alot of women that have custom made fendi bags, so i thought maybe i can get a louis vuitton custom item. I should call them and ask. Hey.. I am new here and i love all you guys, you guys know so much about handbags. Thanks for all your help...:yahoo:
  9. OMG, do you know what am dieing to get... LOUIS VUITTON Multicolor Trunks, how hard is it to get those. I travel alot and i would wish to find some. Do they even make trunks in MC..
  10. You can SO bags but it has to be a current design - you can not modify the design. It does cost at least 30% higher than retail and takes 6 months or more.
  11. They did make MC trunks - VERY expensive!! A complete set was about $60,000 or so.
  12. But am scared if i get a custom LV like a MC in another style , people might think it might be fake, and OHH god i cant have that. When i go to the mall i always carry a birkin, and if people thought i carried fakes.. yikesss
  13. Yup. There's an MC Alzer 80 on display at my store... the price was $14,500. Pretty cheap huh? :graucho:
  14. OMG, they did, i looked every where for them.. eBay, LV site, ETC could not even find any info about it..
  15. Why should you care what others think of your stuff? As long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters! I have noticed that most people that are usually held back from buying LV is because they think others might think that their piece is fake, those people are only buying LV for the logo, and not for the quality/craftsmanship.