Louis Vuitton Customer Service????Are You KIDDING Me?

  1. :yucky: I purchased a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM from the Louis Vuitton website. I ordered it last Tuesday Oct 23 & was to receive it by 7pm Oct 26. No purse. Fedex gives a tracking # but didn't actually ATTACH it to a box. They have no idea where my purse is other than it is in Tennessee.I called Louis Vuitton on Sat, Mon, & today Oct 30. I have talked to 5 different louis vuitton reps over the course of the 3 days & still have no bag. I was told yesterday that they would look into sending me out a replacement bag so I would receive it by Wed 31. I am leaving Thurs the 1st. The 2 reps that were to do that NEVER mailed one out. (It was a tag team effort).....I asked the nice rep tonight if they were afraid that I would end up with 2 bags? Did they actually have the bag in stock I purchased? She didn't really answer about the 2 bag thing. But the purse was in stock. I told her.....I found it hard to believe that a company that has been in business for over 100 years would hold their customers hostage. I told her I hoped they didn't do this to all their customers or they wouldn't have any. What's sad is that I have looked at Louis Vuitton for years & decided to buy an OVERPRICED wallet,keys..... carrying device & they couldn't even deliver. Has anyone else had this kind of SUBSTANDARD customer service from Louis Vuitton or is it just me???????By the way the last nice rep canceled my order THANKS LOUIS
  2. LV just recently offered on line buying on thier own website but have you tried eluxury? Good luck.
  3. I would try either LV webstie or elux like antonia said:yes:
  4. LV customer service is infamous
  5. Hi Disappointed...Sorry to hear about your experience with the LV online:cry:. I never had to order online because we have LV boutiques all over California. I can only hope your experience was an isolated one. However, they should try to rectify the mishaps. I strongly suggest that you should email to LV customer service and inform them of your unpleasant experience.:lecture:
    Good luck...
  6. oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  7. eluxury doesn't have the purse I want....do they actually deliver their products?
  8. I have never purchased online, sounds like it's been a nightmare for you though! Sorry you haven't gotten your bag yet =(

    I know how you feel though, I ordered a laptop that took TWO months to finally be delivered. I waited so long the excitement was gone =\
  9. This is going to sound very harsh... but honestly, most LV SAs and reps don't really care about how they treat their customers unless the customer is dishing out a few thousand dollars at a time. It SHOULD NOT matter at all... but in reality, it does. I hope you do get your bag.. that's not fair at all. They should also send you a free gift for throwing you around like that too.
  10. sounds like it is more a FedEx problem. hope it all works out for you cause I've always had excellent service from the LV 800 number anyway. They have tracked items down for me that were sold out online at ELux.
  11. I think the reason this is hard for me is because I have dealt with other companies that sell higher end products & they act like you are the only person in the world(for that moment) I expected too much.......I expected to pay for a product & actually RECEIVE it.....geez
  12. Make sure you keep records- get names of the SA's that you speak with and make you these promises, and if it doesn't happen, contact the 800 number and let them know exactly with whom you spoke and when you spoke with them, and maybe they can figure out the source of the problem or communication errors. Sorry that it happened to you! I would also suggest next time ordering online- never tried the new Vuitton site, but I've ordered from elux and they shipped fast, packed it nicely, and my order was correct!
  13. I found the LV store service lacking as well. You are right, some of the LV SA knows nothing about their products. Was at the SCP LV inside bloomys, asking about the amarante inclusion pieces, and guess what, the SA claims that LV never came out with that color. And a week later, another SA from the same store says that that color is going to be part of their permenant color?!:confused1: Talk about conflicting information! At the same store, I once called in AM to place a pasilles keychain on hold, to be picked up in the afternoon. SA told me not to worry since they have 3 in stock. Arriving at the store 3 hours later, none was left??!! SA has to transfer one from boutique at Saks. LV is really disappointing in their services here in the US.

    However, LV's in Japan is another matter. A doorman opens the door for you, all of the SA bows. If you do not make a purchase, the SA will say "I am sorry" and bow you out. If you do make a purchase, the SA will take your card with both hands in white gloves, sit you down on the sofa, ask you if you want coffee or tea, go swipe the card and wrap up your purchase with tissue papers, and ribbons, and boxes, bow to give card and bag back, and bow you out to the door.

    Just for that, I don't mind paying extra for the service. IMO, with as high a price as LV is charging nowadays for some of their items, this is the service they should provide.
  14. I could only dream of customer service from Japan. I did go to the Mall at Millenia in Orlando in August.....I live in backwards bass:upsidedown: Arkansas & we don't have stores that carry Louis Vuitton. So, I ended up in Orlando..... anyway....the people at Louis Vuitton were great didn't ignore me. Was actually kind of cute the way the guy was trying to sell LV he kept showing the purses in a way I thought Bob Barker was going to step out:0) Anyway, they were all very nice. Wish I would have just bought it then but had to sleep on which one I wanted..........I'm still sleeping apparently
  15. Sorry to hear about your negative experience... perhaps with any future purchase, try either eLux or order from a store close to you.