Louis Vuitton Cup Cocktail Reception...

So today was a random and fun day for me...I went with one of my oldest friends to South Coast Plaza to go pick up my jacket from Valentino and just to check out all the presales/sales going on. Found a leather Emporio Armani Jacket I was in love with but unfortunately it was a bit short for my taste but it fit like a dream otherwise. Talked to my SA at Herm[FONT=&quot]és about the croc wallet I wanted to see and then went to Louis Vuitton. They finally had in the antigua pochette plate with the blue stripes that I've been trying to hunt down for two weeks (my ipod and it's goodies will go in there). Was also informed about the Cup Cocktail event because I was invited but there was an error with the distribution of invitations so no one was invited, so it was word of mouth. So a couple of hours later I went back with a friend, and I wonder how much they know me because at the check in one of the SA's that I'm unfamiliar with said, "Oh, I know you. Go right on in." So in we went and I fell in love with my first piece of Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear. A shirt from the Louis Vuitton cup, yeah I like it so much that they're going to find the white version for me as well. So enjoy pics...Hope you all like!!!

My LV Cup Shirt!

LV Cup shirt with pochette plate

Off topic, but my new Valentino jacket and some modeling shots! :wlae: