Louis Vuitton Cup Artimon from the '07 range

  1. Hi.:smile:

    I'm looking to purchase a Cup Artimon because I've seen some pictures and it looks very attractive. I was just wondering if anyone could post pictures of their own Artimon's, from various angles inc. inside.

    Just so that I have a good view of the bag before I attempt to purchase one.

    Thanks, Chris :tup:

    (p.s I'm new to this forum, as you may have noticed so please bare with me. If this thread is in an incorrect area please move it to a correct one, thanks)
  2. Hey welcome to tpf!!! I don't have one...hope someone has and helps you...
    Btw if you live in europe I have seen many artimons floating around in the boutiques!!!
    I mention that in case you are looking to buy a new bag...
  3. welcome to tpf! try doing a search and pm (private message) someone who has one. i'm sure they'd be more than happy to share pics with you. i hope you find one!
  4. Ah I see
    I live in the UK so I'll be sure to look around.

    Is there anywhere I could purchase a used example other than eBay?


  5. Thanks I'll give it a try :smile:
  6. Well my store had one...and I have seen one in london on november!!!
    So you can always ask your nearest store and you can transfer it....and they won't make you buy it if you don't like it!
    There are several lv resellers on and off eBay...try searching this forum...
    and before you buy anything don't forget to have it authenticated by our lovely authentication experts...
    Good luck on your quest!!!
  7. My son has one and here are some pictures of it. It also has another zipper on the front underneath the flap. He loves it, it is such a great bag!! And it is great because everything is waterproof. If you want any more pictures let me know.


  8. Thanks for the brilliant pictures :drool:

    Do you have any of the interior of the bag aswell?

    Thanks again:tup:
  9. Will post pics in the next 20 min
  10. Sorry, my camera is out of batteries so I will have to post pics later.
  11. its a great bag! I wish I bought it
  12. Thanks for waiting here is an inside pic:

  13. Thanks again,
    my quest to find one for sale begins, haha.
  14. What a great looking bag!! Good luck on your quest!
  15. Yay!! good luck on your quest. it was limited edition and this line was very popular so good luck finding one :tup::tup: