Louis Vuitton Croisette looks like the Michael Kors Ava?

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  1. Really not trying to start a brand war, but does anyone else think the Louis Vuitton Croisette looks really similar to the Michael Kors Ava? The Michael Kors bag was obviously first, being released in 2015, so I was just wondering if anyone thought the two looked similar.

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  2. I had to look up the Michael kors Ava and YES they do look the same.
  3. the ava reminds me more of the cluny. i don't like any of those top handle bags.
  4. This
  5. I think the Cluny, the Ava and the Chanel top handle bag are all the same style. Not sure which one came out first though :smile:
  6. True that... It's an easy to do style and each brand has put their own twist on it :smile:
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  7. Reminds me of that Dior bag too!
  8. Unfortunately, I have to agree. That is the main reason wig I didn't buy the Croisette, even though I love the design and color combination azur/rose. I couldn't justify buying it when they are so similar and the MK was first on the market..
  9. Agree! Although it is a classic retro-ish bag shape and I wouldn't think they were copying each other.
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  10. The Croisette looks like a modernized version of the classic Bel Air. I like that retro shape, totally trendy right now.
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  11. I started a thread in the general purse section this week about this exact topic! The designers being "inspired" by one another and if people felt it was inappropriate to the degree of knockoffs. I agree that these bags are similar. I think it offers lower priced options for people who can't afford high ticket pieces.
  12. Just because MK was able to throw the bag together and get it out first doesn't mean they were the designer minds that created it. I could easily see payment being made to an LV employee who could slip them design plans. This is what happens in the world of fakes. The sooner they can get an employee to smuggle them a prototype the quicker they can have the fake product out on the streets.
  13. The similarities are there but they're clearly different at both a distance and up close. I really don't mind 'inspired' items - they offer the look that people love at attainable prices for different budgets - as long as they add their own creative twist to the existing design and don't start copying patterns (i.e. the DE checkered print and colour palette) and other small distinguishing details (i.e. draw cords on the side of a tote).
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    I think both have similarities but are distinct in there own ways with features.
  15. Yeah... The reason I just wanted to add this is to show that all designers borrow designs from one another, including LV. But I like that there is such a big variety of similar styles so you can choose the one that fits you best, whether it be material or price range. :smile: