Louis Vuitton Counters in Las Vegas

  1. So is anyone familiar with the counter in NIeman Marcus at the Fashion Show mall? Does it have a good selection and are the SA's nice? Or do you have a fave counter in Vegas? I will be shopping there next month :graucho:
  2. Yes they are nice and have a larger selection then Saks. I would try the other LVs(caesar and wynn?), the store is bigger and they have more bags. :smile:
  3. So you are saying the store in Caeser's is larger/better selection than NM? Ok! I have a gift card for NM I want to use that's why I asked....thanks!
  4. I'm so glad you asked this! I'll be in Vegas next month also for my honeymoon and I'm DEFINATELY getting a new LV while I'm there :yes:
  5. LV boutique in the mall inside Caesar is BIG and it does have a lot more selection than NM in my opinion
  6. Would you say the NM one has a lot of the basics and maybe the denim line too?
  7. Last time I was in Vegas was a month ago. I did see a customer looking at the mini pleaty and neo speedy. The only color I saw then was blue. They might have more by now though.
  8. the one in the Forum shops is the best GREAT selection and the SA are really really nice, but it does get very busy. Wynn is supposed to be the biggest in Vegas but I didn't find it as good as the Forum one.
  9. The LV in NM doesnt really showcase their bags. So you have to ask them what they have and they go to the back room. They have a selection to choose from, but maybe you should have a backup purchase. :amuse:

    I went last weekend, there is alot less people and much more quiet.
  10. I always go to the one inside the fashion show mall (top floor). They have a great selection and all of the SA are fabulous. Ask for Kyle if he is there. He is the best SA I have ever dealt with :yes:
  11. i found that the one in Forum shops to be really small in comparison to the one in Wynn.. not to mention, the Wynn one is built to the new standards, and caesar's is still old store set up.
  12. I bought my first LV bag -- the Saleya PM -- this past March at the LV in the Fashion Show Mall, across the strip from the Winn. That was the same weekend I discovered this forum, while sitting in my hotel room in the Wynn trying to figure out which bag to buy!! I went to the store almost as soon as it opened on a Saturday morning, and it was empty and I got great service from an SA whose name I unfortunately can't remember.

    Of course, as they say, the rest is history! Now here it is what, only 3 months later, and I have also somehow managed to purchase -- all secondhand but in very good condition, from ebay -- a Chelsea, an Epi Speedy, a Navona, and Monogram Mat agenda! This place is insane, but I love it anyway. :smile:
  13. That's where I bought my 2 damier speedies. They were great!!! Good selection and very busy.
    wait.. is the foum the one that is in the mall?? Where NM is?? heheheee ! I'm duhhin it today. That is where I got them in the actual LV store that is in the mall