Louis Vuitton Conte De Fees Hibou Vernis Owl

  1. Is it winking or missing an eye?
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. lol I dunno. I was hoping it's winking. Kinda creepy either way but the auction says brand new. :shrugs: :nuts:
  4. I think it is winking because I saw another Vernis Owl in somebodys collection and it looked exactly the same. ;)
  5. I think it's SO cute!
  6. I remember seeing the frog and now the owl... and I can't say I like any of them.
  7. it would be scarey if the owl is missing an eye! lol, but i still like the frog one better :yes:
  8. I love it!!!! If I have money, I'd buy it within a heartbeat.
  9. Augh! It doesn't look like it's winking to me!
    It's still super cute though. I like it better than the frog, amphibians freak me out.
  10. ^ me too- but the frog is kinda cute. Owl is to spoooky for me
  11. Oh, so cute! I wish it was another colour though.
  12. Isn't There a butterfly too??
  13. I think it could be used to scare off kids. :sweatdrop:
  14. Awww, the owl is so cute. I have seen a frog one too and I think it is so adorable, as well.