Louis Vuitton Concern: All or Most of stitches are handsewn or not?

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Feb 6, 2011
By most I mean 80% of the stitches are hand sewn. I buy LV bags mostly for their hand-sewn goodness and craftsmanship. But I'm worried that more than 20% of the stitches are machine sewn. Is it true?
Jul 3, 2006
Am not sure why you started another duplicate thread to the one which is in the LV reference section, but I'll answer the same as in your other thread in case you didn't realize it's showing up in two different places.

Louis Vuitton bags have not been hand-stitched for at least 20 years. They just got in trouble for an ad showing someone hand stitching a bag and had to pull the ad. While there are people piecing bags and involved in production, they use both sewing machines, other automated machinery and a modified assembly line process, with workers performing the same tasks over and over again, and lots of workers and machines involved. I doubt even 10% of an LV bag is hand-stitched. While people do run the sewing machines and other machinery, they are not literally "hand-stitching" in any real way. I guess you might say hand-assembled with the help of machines and automation. Remember the volume of bags being made. It's staggering. You definitely don't have a situation where one person is sitting down and making and piecing together any purse. You'll need Hermes for that, and plan around $10,000 and a long wait.


Jun 8, 2006
OP, one thread per topic only please, do continue discussions in the first thread you started .Thanks!
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