Louis vuitton coin necklace

  1. ok. i saw this girl, and she had this silver necklace that was in the shape of a coin.
    it had lv carved into it, and it said louis on top, and vuitton on the bottom.
    im inclined to think it was a fake (this girl also carries a pretty sketchy chanel bag), but ya never know. it was really cute regardless, but i was wondering if they ever really made this
  2. Oo i don't know but that sounds cute i love necklaces :love:
  3. hmm... never heard of it!
  4. never heard of it!
  5. Sounds fake...
  6. I've never heard of it as well.
  7. Never heard of it, probably fake! LV jewellery is expensive & if she is carrying a fake bag I doubt the necklace could be real!
  8. I never heard of it.
  9. Yeah, sounds fake. I've seen similar things around my school.
  10. sounds fishy but a necklace like that would be sooo HOT!!!!!
  11. is it just a plain yellow gold disc about the size of a nickel or maybe bigger? LV has indeed made a necklace like this a few years ago. it comes as a set with a white gold chain with a white gold "LV" pendant. they're meant to be worn together.
  12. Do you know the name of the line or have a picture? I'd love to see it.
  13. i don't have any pics of these. i don't even think it has a particular name. all i can recall is that one necklace is longer than the other and they come in a box lined with pink felt. i think they're one of the very first gold jewellery pieces they've produced. i still regret not buying them.
  14. They sound lovely, thanks for letting me know!
  15. I think I may know what you're talking about! I remember seeing a pic of them somwhere... :search: