Louis Vuitton Coffret Trésor 20

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  1. can't yet afford an LV trunk since i'm still in school but in the meantime i might just have to settle for this gorgeous little LV treasure box now available thorugh eluxury.....it's $1,850.00 and i think would make a great heirloom or just even a cute little display.......i'm so in love with it that my paddy savings may just have to go towards it........what a dilemma......:love::sad2::love:
  2. i think the paddy is better, you will use it more often!
  3. i would love to receive one of these as a gift from my significant other, open it, and find inside a 3.5 carat diamond ring....i woudl be one happy girl....
  4. That is ADORABLE ! I didn't even know they made those in that size !
  5. OMG it is awesome! It is something that you would have the rest of your life and be able to pass down. It would look so lovely sitting on a dresser or on a dressing table! I didn't even kno they made these, are they LE?
  6. it really is cute!
    but is it worth $1850? i don't think so...
  7. I say stick with the paddy
  8. i think it's worth the $1850.......i mean compared to how much their trunk costs it's a relative bargain.....and yes definitely an heirloom piece
  9. i probably will stick with the paddy just cuz it's cheaper and have my parents buy this one for me :nuts:
  10. No surprise here, love it!
  11. How big is it?
  12. it's 7.9" x 3.9" x 4.7"......just a little box but oh so pretty
  13. It's very pretty, but I'd stick with the paddy since it's more versitle..
  14. I'll be the odd woman out and say go for the Louis. Gorgeous!!! What a treasure. You mentioned your parents may buy it for you? If so, then go with the paddy........that wasn't much help was it? :P
  15. I'd get it and put the Paddy on the back burner.