Louis Vuitton Cles HELP!!!!!

  1. I bought an Epi Cles, because I am going to buy something in Epi and wanted to get a "feel" for the material, before I go onto a larger purchase. I ended up selling the Epi Cles because I couldn't fit anything into it. I heard it does stretch after a while. Anyone have an Epi Cles that you love and can actually fit things in there????? I am contemplating going back to LV to buy another one. :crybaby: Ladies, please help with your knowledge!:shrugs:
  2. Epi besides Vernis is very stiff especially in a very small item like the cles. I doubt it will soften up. Let's see what other peeps are saying about this.
  3. I can use my epi cles fine, but it really depends on how much you want to put in it. I mean I can fit a cc, some business cards, change, a receipt or two.....nothing compared to my perfo or even regular cles, but it does stretch a little and it is useful to me...
  4. mmm I had the same problem with the suhali cles
    stiff and tight
    buy the cles in another material if u wanna fit many things inside
    I've heard the perfo one is very roomy
  5. Lola,
    What color do you have? So is the Epi the hardest one to fit stuff in?
  6. I think Vernis is. I don't have an epi cles, but I did try to put stuff in it at the boutique and it has more "width" space for me. Then again.... I find both have equal capacity to store things just like the mono cles (1 card, 2 photocopying cards, coins, 1-2 folded bills, 1 key outside). Btw, I can stuff a lancome lipgloss in the Vernis cles:yes:
  7. I have mandarin epi, I also have a suhali, 2 vernis, cerises, mono, mono mini, perfo, and multicolor. I think vernis, epi, multicolor, and suhali are pretty similar but off the top of my head if I had to pick the tightest I may say epi but they are all very close.......regardless I can fit what I need to in any of them and find that my larger ones wind up with more junk in them than needed.....What are you trying to use it for? I may not be the best judge because I usually pick my cles based on what I like.....
  8. sorry OT: but for the vernis cles can I fit like 2-3 cc and some bills and coins??

    i wonder if the bills will get caught in the zipper too? that's happened to my damier cles.
  9. I wanted to get a cles or two so this is great to know.
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