Louis Vuitton Christmas Exchange Policy?

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  1. Does anybody know what they have for a Holiday gift exchange policy? My husband (best husband in the world) bought me a LV bag that he ordered at the end of November. He had been hiding it from me and he said I can exchange if I want to...but I thought it had to be done within 14 days...we have to ship in and out here...no store in this state.

    Wondering if anything changed for the holidays? Do we have time or are they sticking to their regular rules? Help...
  2. Within 30 days starting after Christmas day for store credit.
    Refund credit or cash I never had too so I can't answer that one.
    Maybe other PFer's can answer that part of the question!?!?
  3. i think it might be only store credit. butim not sure. ive never had to refund either...
  4. I know in the Montreal boutique, there is NO special extension during the holidays. Returns are still 14 days, but exchange is 30 days (they do give you a gift receipt if you need it tho). I know because I wanted to buy stuff in early November and my SA told me this.
  5. Call ASAP before the deadline just in case. As far as I know, in Australia, they don't have special rules during festive seasons.....
  6. Thanks I'll call today! :yes: