Louis Vuitton Chest Or.............

  1. :love:
  2. How cool.
  3. I won free shipping but i dont shop on bluefly so some one can use it,just use this code 22UE3QW.
  4. I won 10% off. Can we only play once per day? I wasn't clear on the rules!
  5. yup, once a day unless you refer two friends and then you can play again, once. I won 10% off too :smile:
  6. Very cool!!
  7. Didn't win here but I will keep trying!
  8. Hah! referral! caught youuu.
  9. what does that mean? sorry, i'm kinda slow this morning. Haven't had my coffee yet :cry:
  10. Hehe, I was just kidding.

    There are some sites that give out a link to refer more people so that the refer'er gets more tries but I don't think this Bluefly thing is like that. Looks like Bluefly has this email referral thing
  11. 10% off, but I won't use it so 272XFVN if anybody wants it.
  12. im going to win

    i dont even think im old enough to play LMAO
  13. 10% off for me too.
  14. Thanks for the explanation evolkatie. I'm just super slow today :shame: