Louis Vuitton checkbook cover???

  1. Does anyone have or know what the inside of the checkbook cover looks like? Is there room for that little book to write your check number and info down in it(don't know what it is called :sweatdrop: ). If anyone could explain the inside or if you have one a picture would be great too!
    Thank you kindly! :yes: ;)
  2. You could go with the Mini Agenda and it also has places for credit cards your checkbook and register
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  3. Or the big zippy wallet -- it holds quite a bit and can be used as a clutch for evenings out!
  4. there is one called the simple checkbook. you can find it on vuitton.com. It's 2-something...i've seen it before. according to vuitton.com, it has one checkbook holder and the other side is one long compartment.
  5. I would think you could use the long compartment for your register.
  6. I have one. It holds your checkbook on one side and the register on the other.
  7. Me, too. It functions just like a checkbook holder you get from your bank with your check order. It will also fit in the pti:
    Picture 009.jpg Picture 008.jpg
  8. Yup, my mom also has one and uses one side for the register and one for the checks too :yes:
  9. Get the pocket agenda, it works the same and it less $. I have a pic of the inside, hang on let me find it :smile:
  10. Here is the inside, tried to get outside from elux, but the site isn't coming up for me.

  11. That's the one I have, I use it for my wallet along with the round coin purse - I love it, it holds my checkbook, register and plenty of c/c's and cash too.


    Above is a photo of mine.
  12. When I was looking for something to hold my checkbook, my SA showed me both the checkbook holder and the pocket agenda. I liked that the pocket agenda had credit card slots, but I chose the checkbook holder simply because I liked how the LV symbols were horizontal and going the same way a checkbook would...:lol: I wasn't aware the pocket agenda was cheaper though! :nuts:
  13. It's 195, and the checkbook is 225, so not a huge difference...but still.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonCheckbook Holder$225.00
    This classic folded cover is specially designed to hold a standard checkbook. With a long pocket for storing receipts or papers, a discreet, stylish addition to a Louis Vuitton collection.
    • Monogram canvas with textured leather lining
    • Elegant structure holds a checkbook cover one side
    • Long pocket for papers
    • 6.5" x 3.5"
    Hope this helps, this if off eluxury.com although they only have a pic of the item closed.
  15. Oh man!!!! I had never noticed that the LV's went a different way on the agenda.........now it's going to bug me. :wtf: Guess I'll need to get the checkbook cover (I don't use any of the cc slots anyway!) Now it's confirmed....this forum is HORRIBLE for my wallet! LOL