Louis Vuitton Cheap in Korea right now

  1. Ladies, I am here to inform you that the Louis Vuitton bags are very very cheap in Korea right now because their currency is depreciating so fast. I went to the boutique in Avenuel today and picked up 2 bags, after tax-refund and currency calculation, this is the price in USD i paid for today(1USD=1530KRW):
    Damier Azur Speedy 35 : 571 USD
    Monogram canvas palermo GM: 1065 USD.
    the price will probably continue to drop because the korean government are completely out of foreign currency in their account , so the market is estimating that it will go down to around 1800.
    If you happen to be in korea or are coming here soon, stop by and pick up one for yourself, this is almost 20% cheaper than U.S. right now, and might be cheaper in future.
  2. thanks! good to know.
  3. thanks so much!
    i tried visiting the korea website for louis vuitton to compare prices, but cant seem to see any. does the louis vuitton website for koreans show prices?
  4. Is there any LV boutique inside the airport?
  5. My aunt is gong there in March. I wonder if she could get one for me..... Drooling...
  6. hi, the simpliest way to calculate, just look at the price, as of the exchange rate of 1usd=1530krw (today's rate), a speedy 35 which is 725 USD worth 571 USD in Korea, so if the rate stays at 1530, then any model would only be 78% of the U.S. price. if the rate goes up even further it will be even cheaper.
  7. There's no Louis Vuitton in the airport, there is a duty free LV boutique in COEX, but as of right now, the Duty-free LV price for speedy 35 is 660 USD, because the duty-free only use USD price. so if you get it from the regular boutique in korea, it's actually a lot cheaper than duty free right now.
  8. I heard that there was a huge (8~10%) price increase in Korea as of 3/4/2009.
  9. who did u hear it from?
  10. That's about right, the Korean currency plumits and LV increases their prices...
  11. wish i am there now
  12. i just got it 3 days ago from London
    after tax refund 693 GBP equals 957.52 USD ;)

    and next month , we have a plan to visit Seoul for 10 days :graucho::graucho:
  13. yes. if you would like to go to korea on vacation, now is DEFINATELY the time to do it. your money gets DOUBLED there right now because the korean currency is worth so little right now. moms been telling me all her friends are in a crazed state of going there etc. lol
  14. too bad the euro vs the dollar $$ can't be like that!
  15. good to know, my parents are planning to travel around in Asia soon. Thanks for the info!