Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

  1. Do any of you have a purse organizer in your Speedy 35? I was looking at the "purse to go" website and wasn't exactly sure what size to get. According to their specs, I should be getting an xl jumbo but that seems awfully big. They are talking 18" long.
  2. Hi ladies,

    Does anyone still buy/own White Multi Speedy 30? Is it a bag anyone uses/carries anymore? I'm thinking on one and want to know if is a good choice? BTW I just turned 40 is this bag still OK for me?

    Would greatly appreciate some opinions!
  3. I have one in my speedy 35 and love it. Go it from pimpmyspeedy.com
  4. I also planned on purchasing this bag but changed my mind. White Multi Speedy is very pretty. I will just continue to admire it from afar though :smile: i also just turned 40, and i asked myself: do i see myself still carrying this bag after 5 years? The answer was NO. So i just used the money to buy LV bags which i can imagine myself carrying in 5-10 years time. This is just my opinion. But if you really like this bag and will make you happy, i say go for it ;)
  5. wonderful, thank you!
  6. I have the speedy b 35 and use the extra jumbo purse to go - it's the correct size :smile:
    fit's properly inside
  7. thank you! just want to make sure i get the correct size.
  8. Yes! Well the cabas piano but you knew which one. It's practical and not too big or small for everyday use. It's comfortable to wear unlike the Houston.
  9. love your collection!
  10. Thank you!
  11. Pretty girls!