Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. You are very welcome.
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  2. Hi, does anyone know if this is normal on LV hardware? It looks like the zipper is coated(?) and some of the coating fell off?

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  3. What is the age and style of the bag?
  4. I found one on Fashionphile also: https://www.fashionphile.com/louis-vuitton-taiga-mitka-suitcase-glacier-281807
    I see that the hardware is silver toned and I'm not sure how to judge the ageing on that, but on all of my vintage LV pieces with gold toned hardware, the "gold" wearing off the zipper pulls is very normal.
    Hard to say if this is acceptable given the age of your bag but I'm sure others will weigh in.
  5. Thank you :smile: Do you happen to know if LV can replace the zipper slider (or "the head") that is peeling?
    The zipper pulls doesn't show the same kind of wear.
  6. I'm not sure, perhaps contact LV or maybe someone else here knows?
  7. Yes.
  8. Thank you :smile:
  9. ADVICE WANTED! I was lucky an was able to purchase BOTH the luggage mini BB and the Cannes bag in the monogram. Which one should I keep? I guess I can't keep both : /
  10. Cannes!!
  11. i have the cannes and found it to be versatile in terms of matching with clothes - dressed up or down. mini luggage seems to be more casual for me hence i didn't buy that piece. also it is quite heavy on it's own.
  12. I got a Neo Noe monogram with black. I love it. Not too big, holds all my stuff, and comfortable to wear. I love that it's convertible from shoulder bag to cross-body.
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  14. Hey there! Is the GM size of the Montaigne super large? I’m currently carrying the neverfull GM and love it. Do the handles tuck down into the bag so they are hidden? Ive never seen the bag in person
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