Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. YouTube, sorry! Just shorthand.
  2. oH, I did not think about that. THank you.
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  3. Yes, but that is Europe...same goes for Asia, but I’m not sure about the USA. The operations are all very different even if it’s the same company.
  4. This is on my radar! Did you end up getting?
  5. Hi, does anyone have the Very One Handle (not the "One Handle")? If so, could you share your experience? Thanks!

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  6. I totally forgot about this for some time, however I wanted to share it with you fellow LVers.
    Did anyone ever get a random question (like out of the world) about their LV bag?
    I was in Saint Tropez, which is the second more “touristic” city of France after Paris I would guess, at least in the summer.
    I was in a local hairdresser with my Speedy B 30 DE and one of the hairdressers asked my bf (I don’t speak French) if we are going bowling after and if my bag is a bowling bag!
    I thought they were kidding, however not.
    The one girl mentioned she liked it and she wanted one, but they didn’t even know the brand or the name of the bag.
    I mean not to offend anyone but shouldn’t you at least know the brands of your country? And it’s not like something they don’t see every single day and/or don’t have a shop in the area or are in an isolated village.
    Maybe they only see Chanels what can I say? :/
    But weird...
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    A lot of people, even in France 1) Don’t know about Louis Vuitton, 2) Don’t care about designer brands.

    Also, St. Tropez is not the second most touristic city in France... it's not even in the top 10. Just wanted to clarify this for anyone reading this thread!
  8. I was recently travelling with a French friend an she made a comment about the giant LV bags we saw being horrible fakes as she does not keep up with new releases. She has a great job but prefers to spend her money on travel.
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  9. Yeah you are right, why should they care about a brand that contributed 200mil to the reparation of Notre Dame? It’s not like it’s been there for more than 100 years...
    The tourist/local ratio is even more than Mykonos so I guess it’s one of the most touristic locations in summer.
  10. Some people in this world have other things to think about than luxury brands and historical monuments. As a French citizen myself, I find your post really condescending.

    And again... St.Tropez (a village I know quite well—did you enjoy the beaches of Pampelonne?) is not the “second most touristic” destination in France. It’s just a fact. No need to fight me on that. :smile:

    Now, you got me quite curious about the list of most touristic cities in France. Here it goes (the order varies depending on the year):
    - Paris
    - Lourdes
    - Toulouse
    - Nice
    - La Rochelle
    - Honfleur
    - Carcassonne
    - Strasbourg
    - Bordeaux
    - Mont St. Michel

    Now... our conversation made me a little bit homesick. :sad:
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  11. A few photos of the Asnières factory from an article published in Le Figaro a few weeks ago. Nothing new really since this is the most accessible LV manufacturing plant with public tours and press events. Still, someone might enjoy them!
    ACD12375-C225-48C9-A8F8-8FEB17B0FCDD.jpeg DF850039-C89A-425A-ADBC-0B21E346E493.jpeg CABDD2CA-5B70-4A8C-9B4F-3EEB5471848F.jpeg 651AD756-9EF5-4751-AC17-72B65D57740F.jpeg B8257E46-EFB4-453D-A352-37813E86E83C.jpeg 74B6B7F7-2BC9-4F9F-9129-6EFC6160F268.jpeg A8A10866-D191-4F0D-A273-6EAA3CB2C357.jpeg
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  12. This makes me think of a story. So my husband went to Toulon, for work. He had a free day so he rented a car to visit the LV in Saint Tropez. He texted me while he was there and he said he didn't know where he was, he'd just gone to the closest LV to Toulon. He said he was in a place that seemed rich. In my head I'm like ??? he's in one of the most famous cities in Europe and has no idea but whatever. He ended up getting me a bag charm from the shop.

    A few weeks later we are in our home LV store, and the CA asks him about Saint Tropez (said in the proper French accent). My husband got wide-eyed and said he didn't realize that's where he was because in his head he was saying Saint Tro-pezz (minus the proper French pronunciation). :lol:
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  13. Hello ladies,
    I am not sure where to post this question, but does anyone happen to know if Authenticate4u are still in business? Having read some fairly recent and positive posts about them on tPF, I requested and paid for an email evaluation on 21 July via their website. The site does seem to be up and running with no indication that they are out of office, but there has been no confirmation of receipt, no replies to my subsequent messages (regular emails and contact form) and my calls during office hours go straight to voicemail, so something doesn’t seem quite right. (I am not on FB btw)
    Many thanks in advance!
  14. The only way I have ever been able to successfully get a response from them is through Facebook messenger. If you don’t have Facebook you may have to just file for a refund with your payment method if they never respond to your email.
  15. Wow. Thank you ever so much nicole, that is really helpful. :flowers:
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