Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  2. Does anybody here know how often LV stores restock their merchandise?
  3. It depends on the store.
  4. Random. The last 2 times I have used the online chat function for LV the customer service has been non existent and frustrating For example, I asked them to verify the measurements of an item as there are 2 different sets of measurements in the detailed features. They responded that I could find the measurements in detailed features. I explained again that there were 2 sets. They responded that I could find the detailed features section to the right of the product on my screen. I eventually copy and pasted the 2 sets and sent it to them asking them which was correct. They never replied. It's almost as if they could only focus on the word measurements and nothing else and they only had one response to that word.

    I have noticed that many times (even with other companies) online chat reps take an unusual amount of time to reply.

    Has anyone ever worked as an online chat rep? Or know anything about it? Do these people work from home or are they running multiple chats at once? I really hate using them. You would think they would make things quicker but with some companies they take forever just to get through a few basic questions. .
  5. Weird. Maybe they were automated responses and you weren’t talking to a real person? I can’t imagine a real person ignoring questions like that...
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  6. I have also had the same issues with LV’s lame chat function. I vowed not to use it anymore. It’s kinda like a partyline. I think the chat person must be on several chats at the same time. The 800 number is also a crap shoot too but I have had great results with it as well. If the first person you talk to sucks, just hang up and call again and you will get a different rep.
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  7. Haven't tried online chat, but underwhelmed with my last call to LV. I had purchased a mono strap that I was nearly sure I was going to return it but wanted to order the VVN strap first to be sure. I received the email confirming my order, but never received the tracking for the package and it does not show in my online history. Never again. I prefer to use my SA who also provided expedited shipping from the store at no charge for my PA. The online order was very convenient, too. I will not ever do a phone order again.
  8. Some companies are great with online chat. The reps respond quickly and it's as if you are having a conversation similar to the back and forth of talking. I have not had this experience with LV and a few other companies. I especially can't stand when it will take 5+ minutes just for them to ask your name and account number or some simple verifying info. You are getting close to 10 minutes in and haven't even gotten to the question yet. I wonder did they go to the bathroom? Are they at home and their kids started crying? Or are they at a computer in a center with 5 different chats going at once. Because it's obvious I am not high on their priority list.
  9. I have used the chat function a few times on the LV website. Customer service is friendly when I call, but it's obvious they don't know any details besides the information listed on the website. They are nowhere near these bags to answer questions. I have asked specific details about a few different items and they don't physically know anything else about the items.
    For instance, when I ordered the Blanche BB over the phone I asked if the strap was removable because the details listed that it was, they lady I spoke to said yes it was. Upon delivery I saw that it in fact did not have a removable strap. I still kept and love the bag, but I called back to let them know that the website details were incorrect and it was never fixed. It does feel like they are in their home or just a whole separate call center location?
  10. I highly suspect that LV in USA Sub contracts their helplines to another company. The people are just looking at what you see online. They do not have access to much else. One of the chat person told me this sometime ago.
  11. I think I posted a while back that I saw a video that LV was gifting items to vloggers on YT. I didn't know they did that. Anyway, another YT person posted a video again today showing an LV vlogger party and gifts they received at the party, and every girl got a Capuccines large leather bag in a color they wanted, along with a huge selection of any twillys and gift certificates and a whole thing. Anyway, there were vloggers there with less than 80K subbies, that is hardly an influencer! No more LV for me. Seeing their top tier items gifted so easily when others have to save for so long to afford them isn't making me want the brand at all. It makes their product cheap imo, to gift it to no-name YT people. Just my rant today.
  12. Don't know about chat but I know the customer service people in Europe work directly for LV. I met a girl who was in Munich for training at the same time I was there for business. She asked if I was also a LV employee because of my speedy! they seemed to be very proud and enthusiastic about their jobs.
  13. Yes, I find this disappointing. But I find the whole influencer thing to be disappointing TBH.
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  14. What is YT? Sorry, i am an idiot
  15. There are a lot of abbreviations on here so I don’t blame you, this one is YouTube
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