Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. I saw from an instagram saying that the LV Nice cosmetic bag will launch a nano version, code number M44495. Has anyone seen or heard of the bag?
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering where do you guys get the latest info on new releases and the hype surrounding particular bags? How do you know which bag is hyped and will be sold out (like the Metis)?
  3. I get a lot of my info from following SAs on Instagram. Also, foxyLV on Instagram posts a lot of new products info and SAs that have hard to find items...
  4. How can I start a clubhouse? Just start one in the main LV forum and hope that it gets much traffic so it’s moved into the sub forum?
    I would loooove to see a duffle bag forum. Or is this style not popular enough? Want a thread to stalk this wonderful bag :drool::drool:
  5. Has anyone gotten a free service from LV? And not because it was a properly diagnosed defect? I took my neverfull mm de to have the handles, trim, and side pulls replaced. I had pondered having the pocket done because it was an older version and had peeled on the inside, but decided not to spend the extra couple of hundred bucks. I got a call to pick it up less than a month later... surprised by that from the quoted 8-10 weeks. They pulled out the folded bag from the dust bag and I thought the leather looked great. Headed home ... pulled out the bag and discovered the brand new replaced pocket at no cost to me. I was thrilled!!! This is the first repair I've had done... and i'm not a VIP at ALL.... is this something that occasionally happens?
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  6. It happens all the time.
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  7. One of the reasons why it might seem like it doesn't happen very often is because people are more likely to post if they have a complaint. :biggrin: I got a clochette replaced without asking once.
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  8. I wondered... I'm in a lot of LV groups on FB but never really see posts about freebies like that. Thanks for your reply. :smile:
  9. Got it... I see a lot of negative posts... but not freebies... I think that pocket replacement was $200.00, perhaps they are turning on a bit of charm since social media has gotten so big. Love that you got that clochette at not charge... very nice! Thanks for your reply.
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  10. Hi everyone, I have a question. I bought a Key Pouch online and it didn't come with a gift bag (it's a gift). Can I go in store and ask for a bag? I will bring the Key Pouch and all the packaging it came in. Also, can they retie the blue bow for me? I thought I could do it but I can't LOL! I had to open to check the condition then now I can't put it back and make it look gift-ready.
  11. I’m pretty sure they will give you a shopping bag and help you with the bow, just go in and ask :smile:
  12. Thank you! Will do :smile:
  13. Just thinking about Coach/LV. Coach's summer bags have several that borrow heavily from LV designs, but when MK copies LV, or no-name companies copy LV, I see they are called out for not having design originality. I owned a few PMs (they were all fails and refunded) and when I looked over the Coach Cassie in the store, it's a PM wanna-be for sure. And funny enough, the Coach bag was already very poorly sewn right in the back corner where the flap lifts. I could see the seams already too loose to support the bag opening/closing. This must be a very difficult bag design to master for any company!
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  14. Coach definitely copies LV!!! As a matter of fact, I sometimes buy the Coach version first to try if I would like something LV. For example, I got the Nolita 15 wristlet and used it for a few months to make sure I love it before I bought a Mini Pochette. I have the Coach medium zip around wallet, it's almost exactly like the LV old style compact zip that has been discontinued. I have a Coach Baby Bennett to try if I would like a nano Speedy. Etc. But I've been lucky that Coach my Coach bags have not been defective and don't have one that is poorly sewn. I really like the quality of my bags :smile:.
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