Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. So I exchanged my Neonoe for a Marignan, picked it up last night, put all my stuff in it to wear it around the house and found it to be heavy... Anyone else feel this way with their Marignan? Maybe I'm just not meant to have a LV [emoji22] now I don't know how I'll go back to the sales lady about this as I feel like I've already bugged her enough <Sigh>
  2. Go to a different store OR approach a different sa
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  3. I tried on the Alma BB in Damier Ebene today and love how lightweight and cute she is :love: I can’t get her this year since I’ve already met my bag quota, but she’s definitely on my wishlist
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  4. It is a great little piece and fortunately you should have time on your side as it seems to be a classic.
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  5. Yes I have held off on purchasing because of that exact reason lol, hopefully it’ll be around for a long time
  6. Do we have a general thread already for people to post about to ask about their bag’s “quality issues”, “normal wear and tear” and whether to return a bag due to certain flaw? I put those in quotations because many of these threads I read are not actually about quality issues. There are SO many of these threads on a daily basis. I wonder if it’s something that can be moved/centralized like the authentication thread and stalking thread?
  7. This is a great idea. That way it’s much easier to avoid/ignore the thread instead of seeing daily multiple threads on various issues. Those who want to participate or post would have one central place to do it.
  8. Hi, I am new to the forum so I hope I am posting on the correct board!
    I have some new LV pieces but I am looking to add a pre-loved piece. Would you suggest a Murakami or a Richard Prince piece? I am torn between the two. I want something different and fun, thank you!
  9. I just was reading online that LVMH will give 200 million euros to help with the Notre Dame in Paris. Gucci/YSL of Kering Corp. will give 100 million.
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  10. Hi everyone! Does anyone own Neverfull in denim epi leather? I am looking at it online and it looks really great! Could work potentially for any season - so very versatile. The only thing is I do wear jeans almost every day and I’m wondering if it’s too much jeans on jeans look? Does anyone have any outfit pictures they would be so kind to share? Of course they don’t have this bag in stores so I can’t go try it on ☹️
  11. Holy smokes there are a lot of threads about Pochette Métis... I wish we could just consolidate them.
  12. I would say both are very highly coveted. I do love to have watercolor then Murakami's camo....:shocked:
  13. I had to laugh when you said “holy smokes” :lol: I say the same thing. :biggrin:

    Great idea. This, and the one you suggested about “quality issues”. Tired of reading those threads. After opening them, I’ve been passing them up lately. Don’t want to say what I really mean. :lol::biggrin:
    Warning: before opening this thread, get your microscope, or magnifying glass out! :amazed::biggrin::lol:
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  15. I’m sick of them too. I just ignore them now
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