Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. Hi quick question. The stitches holding the tag has some red stitches coming out from inside is this normal for lv bags?

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  2. Hi, I saw you also posted this in the authenticate this thread and they referred you to a professional authentication service. Please use one if you want to know if your bag is authentic (you can search for authentication services on this forum or just google it)
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  3. Lol sometimes this forum has me flustered with too many threads. This is a warning repost so hopefully this is the right place for it:

    *I hope everyone doesn't mind that I'm watermarking pics again, especially for any design-based or personalized items. I'm seeing a troubling spike in Instagram profiles selling fakes and using any authentic LV pics they can find as a front. Even some posing as personal shoppers selling multi-brand AA+ replicas. BUYERS BEWARE!*
  4. I can't authenticate your bag, but I can tell you about my bags.
    I noticed the same things with my bags that have the red lining inside. LV uses red bobbin thread in these cases, and sometimes the red bobbin thread is slightly visible on the outside stitching. And I bought my bags from the LV stores.
  5. Have to show off my LV Pulse sneakers in python. All three are samples, white and purple are 1 of 1 (only one in the whole world), gold ones were produced for stores, however, I still own the runway version. (FW18)

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  6. What thread can I go to for upcoming releases. I would like to see if I should wait or buy now.
  7. gucci girl">
    There is a thread for each upcoming season like Fall 2019 etc.
  8. Can you tell me where .. I must be missing it
  9. Hello I'm new to this forum blog. I have a lv bag that appears to be authentic . I posted it in poshmark to sell but was told by two poshmark sellers that my bag was fake. It has no#s inside the inside zipper has the lv logo and the stitching says it's made in france but the code says made in China. So I googled it and it says purses are made in france , China USA, and they are authentic so I'm confused need help to make sure my bag is the real deal
  10. China is NOT a manufacturing site for original LV's items.
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    Obviously, you need to have it authenticated, esp since you yourself have little or no knowledge of LV to judge if it’s even potentially authentic. Your item doesn’t meet the LV forum requirements to authenticate it here, so you will have to find a paid authentication service (some are discussed on this site). Please do not try to sell it anywhere til you do.

    Where did you get it, and what did you pay, if you wish to share?
  12. Hi. Do you remember there was a thread for traveling with LV? I wanted to check that thread but i cannot find it. TIA
  13. Hi, I have a question some of you might know the answer to. I recently purchased a vintage Noe in Monogram Canvas and the date code is A2 8909. But the handles are thicker and stitched all the way through like the ones from 1990 and beyond, they are not soft like the ones from the 80s usually are. Did they change the design in 1989? Did I read the date code wrong, it should be 1989, right? I´m sure the bag is authentic.
  14. A28909 is not a legitimate date code.