Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. Hi I just purchased a speedy35b and Sarah wallet, I would really like to have them hot stamped but not sure if there’s any rules to it, also I read that once it’s hot stamped there’s no returns which is ok as I plan to keep them and pass down to my daughter. However what if something goes wrong in the future like a defect in the item would I still be able to get it repaired or replaced. I’m saying replaced because I had my original 3yr old speedy replaced recentl due to glazing and cracking issues.
  2. LV hot stamping (meaning it is done by LV and only by LV) doesn't void any future repair. Nor does it affect whether you can return an item deemed defective; it's the item itself they intend to replace or repair.
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  3. Thanks so much! Just wanted to make sure before I take it in to be stamped.
  4. If a bag has the datecode 853, is it from March 1985 or May 1983?
  5. 85
  6. 85
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  7. Thank you
  8. I had the loveliest dream last night. I dreamt that I had a Ribera MM in red epi

    Have there ever been a bag in red epi in a shape like that? Other than Speedy? It was so elegant
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  9. What a lovely dream indeed! If it's not IRL, LV should definitely make this!!!!!
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  10. I think so too! I dreamt that I were lying on a bench in a park in the sunshine, wearing my blue mono shawl and a black trenchcoat with the bag sitting next to me. It was just so beautiful! I remember every detail of it
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  11. In one word......fugly :angel:

    I still have to have a look to the new collections, but plastic bags (keepall) are not my cup of tea.
    Too many instagrammers/resellers, when i read that a bag is an investment i get so annoyed.
    Not to mention the chain....
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  12. I was at a coffee place like Starbucks today. It’s a crowded place with a lot of customers, but the barista - a teenage girl - remembered me and something she had told me a few weeks ago. I told her that she had a good memory in remembering me.

    “Well, I remembered your bag...” she said with a shy voice.

    So sweet
  13. Aww that was sweet :smile:
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  14. I’m willing to give up my brand new PA in DA for that toiletry pouch 26 with that beautiful design. :biggrin:
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