Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. That’s completely insane but thanks for bringing this up. It looks like the legislation is different depending on individual EU countries. WTF Netherlands???
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  2. :lol: Love it!
  3. Wow. You know your bag names!
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  4. Thanks so much!
    The bag looks amazing on this girl but when i googled for more photos it does look a bit of an odd shape, heh.

    Oh well. I will just leave it at that fkr now.
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  5. Guys, this is little weird: I came to my local LV boutique & looked up an item on my phone I wanted to show to my SA and that item was turned down from the web. The item is a new release (1/4/2019 ) and an hour before was available to "Place in Cart". My SA couldn't find it, I couldn't find it. I searched on my cell, she did on her phone as well. I gave her the M # and I was told that there are only 18 pc in the company and none in the warehouse...I saw on her screen that the item is unavailable... I left the store and looked up the item again and it was available for purchase again. :eek: Is this a new way how to make your to order items more quickly or what? I do not believe they have a web jammer installed in the store or do they? :graucho::no:
  6. So what do yo do with straps on a bag that are too short? Do you cut them and replace them with other straps.
    Musette Tango & Salsa
    (Two of the few bags I gave my daughter. She said they’re too short but the straps don’t come off)
  7. I was in the boutique yesterday looking at some items and using my few days old PM when I randomly noticed a stitch that looked like it’s out of place, I just mentioned it to the SA who immediately took my strap off and exchanged it for a new one! He also reassured me that they’ll take care of any issue that I may face even tiny ones like this.
    Their customer service impresses me every time, so glad :smile:

    Just wanted to share.

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  8. Hahaha! I get it now!!!
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  9. I just thought would enter this chat thread because I was just at our local mega mall in Sarasota, and saw that an LV store opened up. The Dillards there has vintage bag now. Dillards also just started carrying vintage LV in our tiny Port Charlotte mall. So, we are finally moving up in the world. All my LVs are preloved vintage, so now I am in bag heaven. As for my personal taste, I know these bags have a heftier price tag on them, but I am touchy/feely so it is a better shopping experience than going online. Just thought I would share some of my inner happiness here!
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  10. I wonder if they guarantee authenticity? In Chicago I’ve seen some vintage pieces in Macy’s & Banana Republic (odd),
  11. I have seen lv at lord and Taylor and the prices were outrageous. So much so you’d be better off getting a new bag unless of course it’s a discontinued piece and one that a person might really want. I think it’s appealing to people who are unfamiliar with pricing.
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  12. This is a major bug bear of mine..I've seen bags in consignment stores here (Ireland) that were a higher price than new in store.

    And thats for bags that are still available! I can understand it for some bags that are discontinued.

    I've also seen the in store price listed as the original price of the pre-loved item making it seem (to the unfamiliar) that their price is even more of a bargain.

    It pays to do your research as sometimes pre-loved is not a good deal.
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  13. I actually do my research, buy I am just one of those shoppers that will spend the money if it is a bag I have always admired and I can see for myself that it is in great condition. I don't think I have seen a vintage bag at any of these stores that wasn't in excellent condition. Some of the preloved bags on the internet don't always turn out what they claim to be condition-wise. Therefore, I am happy with my experience.
  14. Off topic, but anyone know the international availability of the Speedy 20, in black empreinte leather? It's available on the US site where I'm from, but was hoping to buy in France when I visit later this year. It's not listed on the French LV website. If you've spotted one near you outside the US, I'd love to know! Thanks in advance!
  15. For some reason it's not currently appearing on the French site which probably isn't a good sign re availability right now. Since you're visiting later this year it may be back by then?