Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. Suggestions ... I'd like to have one every day bag and then one that is a good evening/sometimes daily bag. I'm waiting for Kirigami set to come in ... thought I'd use the large as a clutch. But, I'm torn because I also got the Monogram PA but am also looking at the Favorites PM or MM (I'm about 5'2" so MM may look too big). But if I keep Favorites seems silly to have PA too. Of course I love the Alma BB (I have the Alma Vernis in amarante and LOVE it) because it's a little smaller, super cute and of course can go day to night. Not sure if I love the DE or if I wanna go with an epi leather to change things up.
  2. I vote for the favorite pm + alma bb in DE. Very classy
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  3. Got in an argument with a co worker yesterday. I work shift work around the world and this is my first time and possibly last time ever working with her. I was talking about the new LV I just ordered. She began the questions about why I didn’t just shop on the street in Shanghai? And I gave the answers. She then proceeds to tell me that when she came through training the trainers told her that US customs allowed us to bring one fake LV bag, one fake scarf and one fake wallet through customs each visit. :facepalm: I laughed in her face. I couldn’t help it. I told her that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. She got mad and kept asking me if I was calling her a liar? I said, “I’m not saying someone didn’t tell you that, I am saying that it is wrong wrong wrong”. She got attitude, said she was going to ask US Customs next time she comes through. I said, “ You do that. You ask customs if you’re allowed to bring in fake counterfeit goods”? :rolleyes:

    I just don’t understand people sometimes. No common sense.:whut:
  4. I know that in the EU you can bring in counterfeit goods. This as long as you are traveling with the items and you can show that they are for personal use and not to sell.
    I wouldn’t buy fake items myself anyways, but I know some people at my university who do buy fake designer goods and wear them.
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  5. Wow. :whut: Well I guess I was partially in the wrong. As she was one of our EU employees. However she was telling me that I could do that in US customs and that is a huge no no. I’m a US employee. However, I see now that we were having cultural differences. I would have never ever guessed that EU customs would allow that though . :eek:
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  6. I wouldn’t have guessed it either, I saw it on tv and decided to do some more research on it.
    I prefer the way of the USA where they don’t let any counterfeit goods enter the country as they support all kinds of criminal activity.
  7. No, you don't have the right to import counterfeit goods. There is a strong fight against them in France. If you are caught with a fake, it will be taken and you'll have a fine 1 or 2 X the price of the legit piece. You'll risk penal sanctions too.
  8. I assumed that customs regulations would be the same for all EU countries. In the Netherlands (where I live) you are allowed to import non-commercial items which are counterfeit when you are traveling with the items.
  9. Very interesting, I didn't know it was the case in Netherlands.
  10. Of topic - I like how you started out about her attitude and now when you found out you could be partially wrong, you quickly admitted it....even in a larger forum. Kudos!

    It's my goal this year to live with more integrity. I mean to be the old self that I was and that I had hoped I would be, as a teenager growing up. Seeing this post of yours just quickly made me so happy. Yay! [emoji5]
  11. I have no words ‍♀️
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  12. Hi guys

    I stumbled upon this pic on IG and I absolutely love the bag!

    Does anyone know what style this is or the name of it? Is it vintage?

    Thanks in advance x

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  13. Monogram Blois. Yes vintage, no longer made. That’s all I know (from looking at FP and YC sites, lol). It is cute — hope you find one.
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  14. Makes me crazy!!! Sorry just venting!!!

    If you’re not happy with the issue, that you think exists with your bag, why complain? Just return it.
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