Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  2. That time on Christmas when you've already received your presents and are anxiously awaiting other members' reveals.
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  3. I was at LV today and saw someone purchase Bleecker Box in cherry vernis. WOW! That bag is amazing! :heart:
  4. what’s with these damn microscopes lately?
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  5. Microscopes?
  6. Can't decide ... is the 16mm adjustable strap really worth it or should I just try to find a crossbody chain?
  7. For which bag? I love it for my pochette. I have had it for a year and regret not getting it earlier (have had my pochette for 11,5 years).
  8. Yes for new pochette - thank you for sharing.
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  9. I think you would like it :smile:
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  10. Thank you just hope I can get it!
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  11. Is there a reason that you might not be able to?
  12. Just not showing up available on line.
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  13. Perhaps you can get it in a store. Or get help from customer service :smile:
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  14. They can see dents now too.
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