Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. Thank you for the pic.
    My nearest LV is 4 hours away, so I have decided to just accept it. On the other hand, this way I will always be able to know which bag is mine ;)

    There are no other flaws with it... I just think I was more concentrated on looking over stitches and the condition of the leather in the store, that symmetry wasnt even on my mind.

    And I have actually tried switching a bag before, just to end up with one with an even bigger flaw than the first one.
    So I have already taken it out for the first time and everything about it just fits my needs.
  2. any girl from china? i d need help so please contact me on private :smile:
  3. What’s your favorite compact wallet?
  4. Anybody know the sku# or item # for Sofia Coppola monogram canvas SC bag? I need to order key and lock replacement. See pictures for reference. Thanks

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  5. Zippy coin purse. Fits in everything.
  6. Does anyone get their SA a gift or gift card for Christmas? Is that even allowed? Thanks
  7. Hi. I remember reading in a thread somewhere that something for everyone is more appropriate, like a box of candy, which can be shared.
  8. I love gifting my CA, but the store seems to have a new policy, at least the boutique I go to. I brought her a bottle of wine this Fall just for fun, and she couldn’t accept it ☹️ For Christmas I brought her a card with a gift certificate inside, so no one knew!! [emoji16]
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    This is my experience: Three years ago I gave the manager of my store a Christmas collection of chocolates (she found me Metis Hobo in Orient MIF in new condition - already discontinued color!) and first she refused to accept them. I insisted and then she said: "Okay, but I will share with all my co-workers." Next year I even did not try to give anything, because I knew the answer. I understand and respect the policy, even though I love to give gifts...
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  10. Today I received this lovely Vivienne christmas card from my SA :amuse:
  11. Yes, we always give her chocolate. Then she can share with her colleagues if she isn’t allowed to take it home.
  12. I got it yesterday [emoji7]
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  13. Just this past week, I gave my SA a box of chocolates.
  14. Hey that's a pretty cool idea! Why didn't I think of that!?

    That must've been really rare or is it?
  15. Curious if anyone can ID this bag! TIA 20181222_211615.jpg 20181222_211625.jpg 20181222_211736.jpg
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