Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

  1. That's why I'm hesitating. I had to return my 1 week old, unused artsy last week because the handle had tiny cracks. The SA was so rude I was completely turned off that I just returned it rather than exchanging. But, I can't get the artsy out of my head.
  2. :help:
    I'm so torn! I always wanted to have an Alma Vernis Amarante. Next month, I will have saved enough to get it, but I realized that at the moment I actually need a shoulder bag - say a more practical and versatile one for every day that can carry more stuff. Since I have seen the Neverfull Idylle Fusain, I can't get this bag out of my head. It's not so common and maybe more elegant than the canvas versions. I would dress it up with a bandeau. My style is rather elegant than casual. So what shall I do? Buy the Neverfull first and hope that I will be able to afford the Alma later? Or get the Avalon Amarante Zipped instead? But then, I woudn't buy an Alma in Amarante anymore because I think these two bags are too similar and only differ in the length of the straps. I know I'm crazy but I have sleepless nights because of this.:confused1:
  3. artsy gm or cabas mezzo...artsy gm or cabas mezzo..

    i nee a darn job .
  4. Isn't it funny how something drops in your lap when you least expect it. Just scored a brand new Odeon PM bag for less than half retail price from a co-worker who received it as a gift on Mother's Day from a good friend and was in desperate need of the money. Woohoo! Happy Early Birthday to me, Happy Early Birthday to me . . . . .
  5. Has anyone ordered from the Louis Vuitton website? How long would you say things take to come in? The store is a little far to go to but I'm so anxious to get a delightful pm!!!
  6. I just ordered a new item yesterday morning and my package was delivered this morning, less than 24 hrs later. The website says delivery takes 3 to 5 business days so I was surprised. Perhaps the quick delivery was due to me being 2 hrs from the warehouse. At any rate, their delivery time is great:smile:
  7. I've ordered online, and received items btwn 2 - 3 days. You might also want to call LV CS (Customer Svc.) It might help to expedite shipping, so you can get your Delightful faster!
  8. Thanks so much!!
  9. I ordered an Eva and a Helene wallet last night ( 6/28). It shipped from NJ today, and I will get it on July 3. I used the regular shipping and I live in OK.
  10. Approx. 4-5 days for me. I'm located in Oklahoma.
  11. Hi fellow Okie :biggrin:
  12. I just ordered my delightful pm!! I can't wait to get it!! I was debating on one of the 4 key key rings but was worried about my car key because it's not really a key. I drive a mini cooper so its a round thing. Does anyone have the key holder and have the same kind of key?
  13. Hi WenD08, that's a fast delivery! I think you're right. It must have been timing, maybe since you ordered in the morning they were able to send it out the same day. Anyway, just a quick "thanks" for recommending the Zippy Compact wallet. I ended up with an Azur (as a summer back-up, to give my regular mono Zippy a vacation...lol!) I'm in love with it, thanks to your great advice! :flowers:
  14. Well, hello, fellow okie! I noticed your name once and wondered if you were from OK! PM me and let's chat!!!!
  15. Yay! I wondered if you got it and I'm glad you're pleased:biggrin: Just being a good tpfer;)