Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

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  1. Ooh - first dibs on the new thread..
  2. Its i honour of you b day parkee....wow me must really chat on here lol....l thought we had been shut down:nuts:
  3. Me too. I thought bday topics are banned. HAHAHAHA.
  4. When a thread gets over 3000 posts it clogs the forum :smile:
  5. :roflmfao:.....yes when it's mine it will be a deadly topic he he xxxx
    so plans, what are they for today ????
  6. Hi everyone. How are you guys today?
  7. Are we the 1st chat thread to go over 3000 BA...?????
  8. Fine thanks......we have snow:nuts:.....how are you ???? jus see you sig....congrats, must post pic's...lt was a toss up between trevi or galliera......galliera won.....hope l'm not going to see yours, and regret xxx
  9. Doing good. Waiting for my Trevi PM to get here. Did you test drive your new Azur?

  10. I am excited. I will post pics.
    Don't be sorry the galliera is beautiful.:heart:
  11. Hi all is well. I'm happily at work and meeting my DH for lunch soon.

    I love the Trevi PM. DH said it looks like his grandma's purse. The SA said - oh that's because its a classic look. Definitely getting one SOMEDAY.
  12. oh no, alfie - you should never regret. remember, it is never a choice - you can always get both. :tup:
  13. Only in the mirror...the weather is to bad, dont want it to mark yet....thats the only thing with the vachetta.....good old mr damier, get taken everywhere bless him......how long is the wait ????
  14. :P...oh you know me so well he he....l have quite a list now x
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.