Louis Vuitton Charms Sac Fermoir

  1. I like it, but it retails for $1,950 and I think it's a bit much.:amazed:
  2. It kind of just seems like a glorified pochette, like with longer straps and a kisslock close.
  3. I thought I would like it more but instead I have placed my name on the reservation list for a paris-bombay bag:nuts:
  4. ditto!
  5. I think it's cute and if I had the money I would buy it.
  6. It's gorgeous!! Love the color!!
  7. I like it, but think its too much money.
  8. I'd buy it in a bigger size. I love it.
  9. It's OK. It looks like it's made out of PVC.:sad2: I think I'd have to see it IRL to make up my mind.
  10. I agree. Not my favorite LV line.
  11. this line is not for me either:amuse:
  12. I like the design very colorful, but I dont' like the fact they use vinyl. I won't buy b/c I don't want to support them to make anymore vinyl bags.