Louis Vuitton Cerises Refill

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  1. I just bought the lovely LV Cerises Organizer...but without the contents. Does anyone know where on the internet I can get the LV Cerises Refill for 2006? :rolleyes:

  2. The only authorized retailer on the internet is ELuxury.

    Whether or not they will still have the refill for 2006 is another thing. But you could also call the LV 1-866 number and see what they can find for you.
  3. Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I can't call the 866 number since I'm from The Netherlands...:biggrin:
    Isn't there an unauthorized retailer on the internet? :smile:
  4. Sorry...this forum doesn't promote fakes.

    You can also email Customer Service at LV via their website.