Louis Vuitton Cerise Speedy?

  1. Did LV make a Cerise Speedy in 25? My co-worker told me her daughter is selling it and wanted to know if I wanted it. I said yes, but I won't be getting it til Friday. So now I am questioning if this is real (she says it is). Could you guys help me out?
  2. when you have pictures go to the authenicate in the LV section and they will gladly help you out. Dont buy it yet till they say its good. take pictures of the date code and heatstamp .
  3. Where would the date code and heat stamp be?
  4. Yes, there is a cerises speedy 25. :yes: And I do agree, take pix of the bag from a few different angles and post them in "Authenticate This" thread.

    I personally think that it's better to take the pix of the front, back, sides, a close-up pix of the allignment of the cerises, a clear and close-up pix of the cerise(use your camera macro setting), datecode (on the leather tab inside the bag), and the "Louis Vuitton Made in France" stamp. Make sure all pix are taken in super clear shots. Good luck! ;)
  5. Ok, thanks!! I really apperciate it!! I will def. post pics for advice!!