Louis Vuitton Catalog

  1. How would I go about getting an LV catalog? I ordered my bag online, but I didnt recieve one. Is it free, or do I have to pay for it? Thanks in advance
  2. I live in the UK however i guess it would be the same in USA...you can either order by phone or pick up in store for £7(about $15?) or sometimes they will give one free within the store.
  3. You can't buy one in the US stores, but you can from the 866, $10.

    Sometimes they will give you one in the store, but not always.
  4. i got mine free when I was in a TO boutique..but I think some get charged...
  5. I think you can view the whole thing online, right?
  6. Are you talking about the BLUE LV reference catalog with all the current collections - no prices listed, of coure....you can get them FREE at the LV boutique or for exampe, if you Sak's has a LV boutique - they will have them there. I got mine for FREE and didn't have to pay a cent, but I have heard others say they had to pay for their -odd?????
  7. In Belgium there's a new "law".
    You have to pay 10 euros for it!
    But I insisted and they checked with the store manager in Brussels
    and I got one for free.
    They say it's because people were coming in and out, only for a catalogue to sell it on eBay and stuff.

    But if you are a serious costumer (they can check it!) and you know a SA well, it can be no problem!


  8. In the beginning, I got two catalogs from 866 and paid $10 each for it. But, later, once I started buying from the same LV, my SA has given the catalogs to me for free.
  9. Yup. They're free in boutiques.

    I can't wait for the new ones to arrive!!! :nuts:
  10. So so many threads like these.
  11. When DO the new ones arrive? I thought they only came out every couple years or so.
  12. Good question. I'll call my SA in the morning. :search:
  13. Thanks, twin :lol: :greengrin:
  14. ;)

    I don't like that smiley!!!! It looks like it's happy being sick? :s
  15. lol! John you are so funny!