louis vuitton catalog?

  1. is there an louis vuitton catalog??im not sure if i sound weird loll...
  2. Yes there is.:smile: You can get it free from the boutique but I've heard that some people got charged:cursing:
  3. it's called Le Catalogue Maroquinerie. the boutiques give it for free, and if you call the 866 to have it shipped to you there's just the $10 shipping fee


  4. OMG okay tommorw after school im going straight to the LV shop !!!can you just go there and ask for a catalog?even if i wont buy that day...???
  5. I still don't know if it's supposed to be free or not or "free with purchase" kind of thing. I would think if you have a nice SA they will give it to you...but I would think a stubborn SA would charge you if you didn't buy anything. Who knows...seems like there are no rules when it comes to those darn things!
  6. Yep.. I've asked for it with a purchase and the SA said they could only give me last year's!
  7. oh okay,well im going to buy something in november for christmas by then im sure too have enough money,so then i will ask for the catalog
  8. I got one for free.

    When I purchased my bag in June and asked for one, I was told it was out of stock....hmm.... :confused1:

    Last weekend I was in a boutique I've never been to before, just to check out some bags, and the lovely SA offered me one! I didn't even purchase anything....I felt a bit bad. I think it depends on the SA.
  9. ^^^ I agree, I was at one boutique and the SA didn't even know what I was talking about (she thought I was referring to the shoe catelogue) and another boutique, I just asked and the SA gave me one. Hopefully you'll run into a nice one ! :yes:
  10. Ya, it depends on the SA. In the past, they never give me one until I start buying LVs.
  11. yeah you should get it for free, if you just run in and asjk for one and leave you will probly be more liekyl to be asked for $ but if you look at a few bags and act as a serious client (whihc you are) they will give it to you for free
  12. chances of getting one without buying anything is a 50/50 but if you buy something, i am sure that you will get one, even if the store ran out of catalogues, they will call you to pick one up when the stocks are in. and like what the others have said, it depends on the SA.