"Louis Vuitton Casino Night"

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  1. I found this in my mailbox. My SA told me about this event a couple of weeks ago but i just forgot about it hehe...

    Anyway, very nice that LV invited me for the launch of the Graphite line :smile:
    It's in Dutch though.
    I also like the chip they send along. A collectors item :smile:

    Anway i just wanted to share this with you all.

    Here's the invitation:


    The chip they sent along

    here's one without flashlight
  2. OH YUM. I love love love that little casino chip! You are soooo lucky!! a Huge CONGRATS!!
  3. that is so cool!
  4. So cool!! Enjoy!
  5. WOW! that is awesome. Please post details after you attend.
  6. Oh, I wish I could get an invite just for that chip! Please share the details of the evening!
  7. that's cool. are you going?
  8. I just got one too for the Soho NY location. Anyone here going?

    does anyone know what it is exactly? Is it just cocktails to launch the new damier graphite line?
  9. That sounds fun!
  10. oh, that's cool!!
  11. how exciting! have fun!
  12. Wow.. So cool! I wish i'd have a casino chip too!
  13. So cool!!
  14. Love the chip - you have to go in a James Bond movie style outfit now ! ;)
  15. Very elaborate packaging. Enjoy yourself at the Casino night ;)