Louis Vuitton Capucine

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  1. Hi ladies , I need your help,i just purchased the Louis Vuitton Capuccine mm in Galet . Does anyone who purchased it is having a second thought about this beautiful bag because of how heavy and expensive it is . I am also wondering whether I should have gotten the Hibscus flamingo instead. Help please
  2. The only thought I have about this bag (aside from how much I love it) is whether I should get another one!

    Galet is a gorgeous neutral color that goes with everything. Only you can determine whether you needed a neutral or a pop color in your collection and which suits your needs and wardrobe best.

    If this was an impulse purchase then perhaps there is room for reflection but if it was a well thought out purchase then go on and enjoy your gorgeous bag!
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  3. Thank you dear. I greatly appreciate your feedback . I have been thinking about it for over a year . I guess I needed some assurance, but the more I look at it the more I love it ❤️
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  4. image.jpg image.jpg Louis Vuitton Capucine MM in Galet image.jpg
  5. It is a beautiful bag. I don't own it, but I lust after it when ever I see it. It is my favorite LV bag.
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  6. That IS a gorgeous bag. Enjoy it. Congratulations:smile:
  7. Thank you dear
  8. I will admit the weight of the MM is an issue but that is an eye catching bag! Consider it a stylish workout for your arms! Seriously, if it is too heavy for you perhaps you can consider exchanging it for the PM which also comes with a strap and is far lighter than the MM.

    Thank you for sharing pics of your gorgeous galet capucines, and don't forget to post in the capucines clubhouse--we are a pretty active group.
  9. Such a stunning bag! Enjoy your new purchase & wear it well! :smile:
  10. Firstly, your bag is fabulous! When I bought mine, It was an impulse buy, but one of the best ones I've ever made. I agree the MM is very heavy, but I think it's worth it. As for it being too expensive, if you love it, who cares? the price shouldn't matter now that you've bought it.
    Enjoy your new purchase and wear in good health!!
  11. It's stunning! I'm lusting over one in the bb size....
  12. Me too!!! :heart::nuts::heart: It's all I think about. I am constantly searching pics and videos. The best pics are by the fashion blogger Lydia Elise Millen. And she can fit so much in hers. ~ I am trying to keep it special by getting it as my main Christmas prezzie from hubs. So I am literally excited for Christmas. I will prob order late Sept/early Oct than put it away until the big day. I want black w/ silver hardware. ~ XOXO
  13. What a beautiful bag!! I think the Galet is a gorgeous colour that goes with everything, I think it's more timeless than the Hibiscus Flamingo. I am someone who also always has second thoughts about purchases too but you've thought about this for a long time, try and enjoy your beautiful new bag :smile:
  14. I adore mine galet bb! It fits so much and I think it is one of the preetiest bag ever made.
    Maybe you could exchange for pm if mm is heavy?

    I know that I could buy Chanel for this amount of money but no regrets :smile:
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  15. Your Galet is so adorable . I agree for the price you could get a chanel, but the capucine is so elegant and sophisticated . I am loving mine more and more every day. Thank you for sharing ❤️