Louis Vuitton caps

  1. First of all so so sorry if this topic already exists.

    Has LV ever made caps ?????:s A friend of mine told me that Lv never made caps but I keep seeing them everywhere???
  2. The most Louis Vuitton caps are fake ......
  3. ^^ It's true. :sad:
  4. yup, fake..
  5. In the 2000 collection LV made some mono mini cap . I also some fisherman hats in macintosh canvas with damier lining.
  6. juan has one
  7. Yup. I just bought this beanie last week. Not sure if you'd consider it a hat, but on the tag it says "Ski Hat"... :shrugs:

  8. I :heart: this <<bonnet>> from the winter collection:very good choice John!;)
  9. thanks for all the posts!
    I googled it and found it !!! :yahoo:
    Is this kind fake or real ???? :confused1:

  10. ^^^^ I wanna say fake... I've never seen it before... but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  11. I'm thinking fake too!
    I really don't think LV would have such bad stiching.........
    The think is that I was sure that they were fake but a few days ago I saw one on someone who drove a really nice car....well dressed.........Why wear fake??? :confused1:
  12. i love the "ski hat" john!!!!!!!!!
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