Louis Vuitton Canvas Tote


Purses are my Passion
Oct 31, 2005
I just saw an ad in the new Elle Magazine for Vuitton with a new canvas tote (looks like a cruise line item) and the bag has a large blue "stamp" applicaied (eek spelling!). I need this bag. Can't get to vuitton store this week. Does anyone know what it is?
i believe you're referring to the globe shopper line.


quite possibly the most revolting bags i've ever laid eyes upon. and quite a steal at $1280 ($1500 for the large size).
Yep, it's the cruise line. They're kind of a rip for the price, but hey, there's actually a monogrammed lining which is kind of cute.
Yes..it is a cruise line. But you can't find this bag in any Louis Vuitton store. SOLD OUT. Not even Eluxury.com. One way is EBAY if.. you have LUCK, cause so many seller claims that they have an authentic one.