Louis Vuitton Canvas (Murakami)

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  1. Do you guys think these are real?



    They seem to have good authentication details and seem like a reputable ebay shop. I would love to one does anyone have any idea on an offer I should make? I think they will be snapped up soon so I would like to make an offer.
  2. I believe that they are indeed authentic, I have purchased art from this seller before. These pieces have been available for quite some time now, so I do not think that they are at any risk of being snatched up. The seller has denied several offers now, I doubt they will take too much less than their "Buy it Now". Personally, I think they are over priced and slightly tacky - For that price, you could buy a lesser known piece from Monet.
  3. yeah it defo seems overpriced. I know an original Murakami went for 1.4million Euros at an Italian art fair and these will most likely go way up one day (although nowhere near that much). I have regretted buying high priced art in the past only to see it go up by thousands. I kinda don't want to make the same mistake again.

    I once saw a Bankys on sale for £1800 and at the time it seemed ridiculous and then I saw it go on ebay for £16,000 a year later.

    What price do you think is reasonable to pay?
  4. ^
    I Agree. It would be better to get hard sided murakami trunks. ;)